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I enjoy meeting other sawdust makers. I've reached out several ways, but have little luck.

I find humor in that a couple I tried to make contact with never dropped around, until a year or two after I talked to them. After the first time, they started dropping by more regularly. Each time, it was the same thing, they were expecting some guy with a Craftsman radial arm and a bandsaw. My wife and her sister were around and were laughing at the reaction of each of them. It involved something to the effect of "holy s____t." Part of that may be because everyone thinks my shop is just the house next door.

In effort to meet others with similar interests, I joined a turning club in a city about an hour away. It meets once a month.

I learn a lot from meetings and demonstrations. If can be fun other ways too. Though I'm an amateur turner in comparison to a few of the nationally known turners, it can be fun or at least interesting being underestimated, based on that I am a newbie to turning. Many seem unable to understand some of us have been working wood for a half century, even though we've only recently started running a lathe. Often, there seems to be a small amount of shock when I share things that can be applied to detailing turnings and such.

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