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The jig in the above photo is getting frequent use this semester. Most of the time it is just to hold a part vertical for cutting tenons or finger (box) joints or the occasional dovetail row. As it can be set level with the bed it also gets used to solve flat clamping challenges that the t-track on the back half of the bed fails at. We had a 3-legged stool project at the beginning of the semester and many students wanted a way to attach legs at an angle other than 90 degree to the seat of their design. With the seat panel clamped upside down on the jig I adjust it to match the angle they want their legs to attach at. Some used a tapered hole at an angle to attach their legs. Some used an array of small tenons cut from the end grain of their legs to penetrate the seat. This jig (and earlier versions) lets us solve many furniture design/assemble challenges that would be difficult if not impossible to solve using any other tool in the shop.

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