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I have used these, Easy-Cut Strip Brush, 1/4" Wide x 3/16" High Backing, 3" Overall Height - $4.39 per foot.

One consideration is the stiffness. If mounted true vertical, any dust screen will add Z axis resistance. Softer or more pliable the better. When I put the short 1" easy-cut conveyor brushes on mine the added resistance really was significant. Since then I angle them out about 10 degrees. I bought 3 feet of 1", 2" and 3" to evaluate and am now just using the 3".

In the near future, in my next order from McMaster Carr, I will probably try the soft horsehair brushes - Galvanized Steel-Backed Conveyor Strip Brush, Horsehair Bristles, 3/16" Wide x 7/32" High Back, 3" Overall Height - Of course they are more than double the cost at $9.58 per foot, but dust foot doesn't take much.

Neither of these lets you see the cutting going on.

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