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The indoctrination of the kiddies is in full gear...
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I'm happy to let folks make up their own minds...
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Originally Posted by DaninVan View Post
Well, yes. Talk about stating the obvious.
And it doesn't embarrass you to admit it? You and I have very different approaches to life.

Originally Posted by DaninVan View Post
As for "old news", the point I brought up is hot off the press. Your scientists aren't talking about it, or anything else that refutes their agenda, because it's counter productive to the embedded agenda, especially the cash flow. Always, follow the money.
This is one problem with choosing an opinion then looking for evidence to support it, you're always playing catch-up. Then it forces the argument of 'they're not talking about it because it refutes their agenda...' When in fact they've already talked about it but you weren't listening.
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oh oh the hottest summer on record (where I live) was 1949 and in 1945 we had the same warm weather spell we had this year in the early spring that killed off the fruit tree blossoms when it got cold again. Sure sounds like global warming to me and not just mother nature doing what she does best.
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" You and I have very different approaches to life."
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NASA: Paragon of scientific methodology...
Blog: NASA's Rubber Ruler
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Thought you might like all the real facts !!!

We know about the Arctic, but what about the Antarctic?

Published 8:02 AM, 27 Sep 2012
TagsAntarctica, Arctic, climate change, sea ice melt, Environment

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Michael D Lemonick

Climate Central

The sea ice that covers the Arctic Ocean has plummeted to its lowest level on record Ė but down at the other end of the world, the sea ice surrounding Antarctica has swelled. Thatís no surprise, considering that winter is just ending in the Southern Hemisphere Ė but what may be surprising is that the overall extent of Antarctic ice has grown by about 1 per cent per decade, on average, since satellite records began a little over 30 years ago.

You might reasonably suspect that all the fuss about disappearing Arctic sea ice is overblown, then, given the growth of ice down south.

But youíd be wrong, for all sorts of reasons.

The first is that the 1 per cent growth per decade in the Antarctic pales next to the much faster 15.5 percent drop per decade in the Arctic. They arenít even in the same ballpark. Not only that: while the sea ice bordering Antarctica has been growing slightly, the massive ice sheets that sit directly atop the frozen continent are shrinking, at an accelerating rate, with worrisome implications for global sea level rise.

The disparity is even more dramatic when you realize that most of the sea ice surrounding Antarctica drifts away during the summer to melt in warmer waters, and reforms anew in the winter. The Antarctic sea ice cover is nearly all first-year ice, which is typically three to six feet thick. In the Arctic, by contrast, the ice is hemmed in by Canada, Alaska, Russia and Greenland. It mostly canít drift away, so whatever is left behind at the end of summer gets even thicker the following winter.

That multi-year ice, which can be up to 15 feet thick, which is much harder to melt, dominated the Arctic Ocean when satellites first went into orbit back in 1979. If you look at the volume of ice rather than just the area it covers, the disparity between the Arctic ice loss and Antarctic ice gain is just that much more impressive.

Still, if the planet is warming, how can the sea ice be expanding in the waters surrounding Antarctica in the first place? Keeping in mind that it isnít expanding by much, scientists offer several possible explanations. One is that thereís been more precipitation in recent decades (which itself could well be due to global warming). That puts a cap of relatively fresh water atop the denser, saltier water below, and in winter, when that top layer cools, it stays on top rather than mixing with the warmer water underneath, thus encouraging the growth of ice.

Another factor may be the ozone hole that opens up at this time every year over the South Pole. Ozone loss tends to cool the upper atmosphere Ė an effect that percolates down to the surface.

Still another factor is purely natural climate variation, which is still happening even though manmade global warming has a growing influence on every aspect of the Earthís climate system with every passing decade.

In any case, climate scientists have long expected that the Arctic would warm up faster than the Antarctic. After all, the former is an ocean surrounded by land, while the latter is land surrounded by ocean. Wind patterns, weather systems and ocean currents behave differently at the two poles. And because the coldest part of the Antarctic is land, the ice there has been able to accumulate into a giant ice cube the size of a continent and up to two miles thick ó which tends to hold back local warming considerably.

By the second half of the century, however, climatologists say that the human warming signal will become more apparent, and Antarctic sea ice will begin to follow its Arctic cousin in a downward spiral. That, in turn, could speed up melting of the all-important Antarctic land ice, thereby raising global sea levels.
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I swore I was going to drop this argy-bargy but the Devil is prodding me...
The Reference Frame: Gore's investment firm: no green investments
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Water vapor makes up fully 95% of the greenhouses gases on the planet. Our part is just 1/4 of 1%. Sorry, I simply don't believe that a minor change in our piddly little percentage can possibly be enough to melt the ice caps, kill the plant life, and cause massive extinctions. Even if we doubled our portion to 1/2 of 1%, it is still, in my opinion, not enough to make a big difference.

On top of that, I also believe that life on earth is much more resilient than the AGW people give it credit for.
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