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Thanks everyone for the comments.
Gerard sr. - I had taken this idea ( Y vac port ) from a lot of tables... even after watching the video that Norm did on Yankee Workshop. I had put holes in the front door because I was afraid that too much suction would cause the wood to "stick" to the table as it passed over the router bit. But the holes do act as a knob so I can open the door.
reuelt - Very interesting.... I knew about the fan on the router but didn't think about the vac. system stopping it from doing its job. I might have to revisit that one. Since the router fan is at the bottom, I'll have to look and see if there is a way to built a port of sorts at the top that would suck any dust from the bit area only....and the holes in the fromt door will allow fresh air to enter the the fan CAN do its job. Just have to be careful not to have too much suction so it stops the boards having a smooth glide across the table.

Wow.... really got my brain going this morning.
Thanks for the observations...... and I'm sure it can always be improved on.
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