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Well without get in to big a discussion I might point you to

These are on the lower end of the scale of what I use but they do OK. They have a "better" line called katana and they have free postage in the US.

If I could afford it I would have more CMT bits they are the best I've used overall. Most people have a favorite, that's mine.

I ordered several bits from Holbren and have yet to use them..... been to cold to do much in the unheated garage shop in IL. If you decide to order before the end of the month check this (25% off deal)

Woodcraft has sales on whiteside all the time, at least they will have a bit of the month at some % off so check them out.

As far as rabbet bits / straight bits I do both. I think if you have a table start with that and see how you like it and how well it works for you, at least on the straight pieces.......

Hope this helps,

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