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Dr.Zook, You are a man of few words sir, but highly regarded on this forum. Are you a "real" doctor and what is your specialty?reviving "deadwood"? LOL My friend "Doc Bob" is a horse vet, travels the back roads of Oakland Co, giving drugs to horses, but is one of the finest blackmiths in the country. One never knows what "evil" lurks in the minds.... not sure of the quote, or why I remember it??!! I will visit your gallery and see what I can see. BTW is "greeter" a full time paying job, and is it subject to term limits, were you appointed or elected, or were you se-lected? You do a fine job of welcoming. Thanks for your service. Bill
PS I just found your reply to another post, which answered my questions:

"Bill; the title of "Offical Greeter" is an honorary title, given to me by Mark. I really don't have any duties. I just thought that it would be nice to welcome new members to the forums. The 5000+ post are from when I joined back 2004. I try to keep this as a big International family of woodworkers. I even try at times to greet newbies in there own language. As for "Harry." You will find out he had about 's of his brain removed, or they wouldn't let him into Australia. This explains Harry.
Besides, I don't want to catch up and pass Bj on posts. (like I could)!
Thanks for all the concern but I am fine. Cold, but fine." Great!
Bill, again

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