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Originally Posted by bobj3 View Post
Hi John

And thanks ,, I did copy your setup but I didn't want to tie up screw just pops in or out in about 1 sec. so I can use it for other jobs when needed.. or tp say when I don't need it in the power lift

thanks again

Hey Bob. I didn't know about your post describing you MRL build or I would have popped in over there and joined the discussion.

That looks great man! I'm glad you got it going.

One of the questions over on your post was about knowing when to stop. On my original MRL, I relied on the routers depth stop to setup reproducible height operations. On my latest generation lift (which I haven't made public yet), I employed two micro switches to set the upper and lower travel of the lift. It's a pretty nice setup when you combine it with the digital readout. I've divulge the details of the new setup in the near future.

Thanks again for making your own MRL and spreading the word!


John W. Nixon - Buffalo, NY
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