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Default Router Plate for future table build

Greets all!

I just posted my introduction here, and I've already got a question I'm hoping you guys can help guide me here.

I'm looking to be doing boxes, guitar head cabs, guitar speaker cabs, and some sound diffusers for my home theater.

I have a Bosch 1619EVS and Freud FT1700 Fixed Base routers.

I'm seriously considering the Incra Super System for doing dovetails and box joints and such. I figure I'll use the FT1700 for my router table, and my Bosch plunge is going to be my all around super power hand held router.

What I'm stuck on is finding a router plate for the Freud, and either building or buying a table for the Incra Super System. I'm also concerned if I'm overbuying by getting the Incra Super System...especially since I'm on a really tight budget (aren't we all).

So I'm hoping some Freud FT1700 owners can chime in on what quality plates and table they used, and I'd love to hear from some Incra converts!
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