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Originally Posted by N'awlins77 View Post
Here are my two latest free handed signs.

The first one is a little quicky I put together for my Sister's dog, who I just made a kennel table for.

The second is just an idea I got, and may, at some point, make a few more to sell. The blank is select pine. I attempted to do a sketch, wood burning, of a fisherman in a boat, with his line out. Wood burning is definitely not my forte'. Then I tried to burn it with a small flame, and make it a silhouette, and that looked even worse. LOL So I cut that out (thus the blue "lake), and then traced a fish onto a piece of 1/8" oak and cut it out with my scroll saw. Painted it silver, then drew the fish details with a fine point marker. Then glued it into the "lake". Painted the letters and border black, sanded and sprayed with clear coat.

Question to those who have experience in selling your signs and been around the market with signs. What do you think I could sell these for? The Gone Fishin' sign, that is?
It's one of those things that depends on your market.

To help yourself, you should determine what your material costs are and then add in your time. If you can get that price for it you've done well.

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