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Default Triton TRA001

After reading so much here about the Triton's suitability for use in a router table and having a Triton router table, I decided to get one and was pleased to find one new, in the box, on eBay for Eur99. Last night I was shocked to discover that only 1/2" collets seem to be available for them, unless you are in Japan! No-one seems to have mentioned this in their fulsome praise for the router. For Eur99, I'd put up with it and swap routers if I had to use a 1/4", 8mm or 12mm cutter, but when another bidder came in during the last minute, I wouldn't go above Eur135 and let them have it.

Whilst most of my bits are 1/2", I do have some specialist ones that have other shanks. How come that such a well known router isn't available with other collets? Supplying a 1/4" sleeve with an industrial grade router is hardly a sensible solution. Personally, I wouldn't want to use a sleeve, particularly in such a powerful router.


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