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Originally Posted by Mr sawdust View Post
I also have a MLCS router table. I am very disappointed with the fence.
Do you have any ideas for changing the fence? You were creative with the lift so I thought I would ask. The sliding table was a good idea but I need a 3/4 channel. I don't think I researched enough before spending my hard earned money.
Lenard, If you are going to keep the fence you have, you will have to tie together the LH and RH sides someway. Either with a piece of plywood like I did, or with a piece of metal like an extrusion and put a wooden sliding face on it. Maybe you could even use a piece of plywood in place of the metal faces now, and then attach the aluminum fence pieces you have to the face of the wood so that they can slide.

Or you can just buy a nice factory made fence. You can go Incre, Rockler , Kreg, Infinity,Eagle American, Ebay even has some nice ones. It will take a little figuring out how to mount an aftermarket fence, but it can be done.


The MLCS X-1 is identical to the Eagle American that I bought.
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