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As much as possible I would try and just transfer the placements from one to the other. The one thing that gets you into trouble more often than any other process is measuring. If you insist on measuring then I would disagree with your statement that you need the circle pitch diameter of the holes. The holes must display some sort of symmetry even if they aren't evenly spaced like the ones on my Hitachi M12V2. One thing is a fact, if there are 4 holes then a line drawn across opposing screw holes will cross the dead center. If there are 3 holes then a lines drawn from the midpoint of the line between two holes to the 3rd point will cross dead center with the others.

The distance from the points to dead center is the distance from any point to the center opening plus 1/2 the distance across the opening. All of that should more than enough data to locate the holes properly.

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