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Originally Posted by rrrun View Post
I use non-slip router pads to cushion my "cutting boards & wooden accessories" while I sand them. I'm currently using these pads by Powertec from Amazon.

My problem appears to be that oil from the pads to my works-in-progress somehow. I don't use the pads during finishing - I don't even oil my boards in the same place - but, somehow, these boards leave an oily imprint on my boards as they are being sanded. Is this just the plastic/resin/??? of the pads?

I stack my boards on my workbench during sanding; the weight of the boards will sometimes push the bottom one into the pad to imprint it. Further, the simple weight of one heavy 16" x 20" x 1-1/2" end grain cutting board is sufficient to imprint that board during finishing. This only seems to be a problem with Hard Maple, incidentally, which is of course the main wood that I use.

Is there an alternative product that's better to protect the boards during sanding?

I sand my boards to 320 grit, and am often complimented on the glass-like finish of the boards. I don't want to change that ... but I do want to find a way to not mark the boards during sanding.

Sorry Henry, I forgot to compliment you on your boards. They look great I like your work.
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