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Default Bosch router guide!

We stopped in at our local Habitat ReStore today to look around. First time there, but I will be going back tomorrow! I didn't bring the truck.

There were several tools marked down to a really fair price. And then there was this guy (see pic below). Bosch Router Guide for $14. Hardly used - no dings cuts or scrapes! It just so happens I have two routers that it will work on.

Then I found all sorts of lumber stacked in the back. One piece caught my eye. I am going back after it. It appears to be at least 10 feet long, and maybe 12. 1x6 Clear pine! And there was another one beside it. They were marked $2.00 each.

And...I found several four packs of 1 x12 white pine which had been shelving at one time. Each pack was marked $28! Currently The big box stores are selling this stuff for about $18 for 1x12x8' complete with cupping included!!!

Pallets $5.99 each. Possible wine rack material and I don't have to go look for them!

Yeah, I am going back tomorrow.

Note: I don't need any of the power tools, but they were fun to look at. Anybody need a radial arm saw? There wre at leat four for sale.
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That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

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