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Default deWalt/Elu (and other) compatibility

Many deWalt routers (except the DW626) started life as Elu routers and were renamed/renumbered and recoloured when Black & Decker took over. A list of known (European) equivalances is as follows:

deWalt = Elu

DW629 = MOF131
DW625 = MOF177
DW624 = MOF177
DW621 = OF97e
DW620 = OF97 (some early models were called OF1?)
DW615 = MOF96e
DW613 = MOF96

In many cases the collets, nuts and side fences are interchangeable between equivalent models, so a 1/2in collet/nut from a DW625/DW624 will fit a MOF177 or MOF177e. It will also fit earlier models including tne MOF98 and MOF77
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