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Originally Posted by mr500 View Post
In the market for a New/First shoulder plane. Was looking at the Woodcraft 7.75 in. Shoulder Chisel Plane as well as the No. 92 Sweetheart.

Never owned one so this would be my first. I like the Nielsen and such but there a lil pricey. I know you get what u pay for but just curious to the other alternatives out there.

Looking to get into more MT joints and shoulder plane is a must have..

I have a Wood River #5 plane and like it very much. Wood River is sold by Woodcraft. I am not a hand plane person but I have found I use it more than I thought. I also have a block plane. It's a 60 1/2 Stanley. While Wood River doesn't make the best planes I think they are a bargain for the money.

Don in Murfreesboro,Tn.

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