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Originally Posted by BigJimAK View Post
My 18 y.o. son and I have built a end-grain cutting board out of tigerwood and padauk, based upon the video by Marc Spagnuolo (the Wood Whisperer) where he used maple and red heart. The plan is to finish it using a dilute wiping varnish, to seal the inner wood without a surface buildup.

I had someone tell me I should research the wood before using it, as padauk is an oily wood and may not be suitable for indirect contact with food. I'm not anal in this, as we are all going to die sometime anyway but I want to be prudent.

I'm not looking for the legalese answer here, just if its OK for momma to use the board her son helped make!

I've attached photos of a slice of each I trimmed off and sprayed with lacquer (without sanding) to see the grain. I believe there's a family of wood that are all sold under this name, so I included the pictures.

(Obviously) the padauk is the red-orange one although the pictures are a bit heavy in red. The color is closer to a teak. I'll be starting a separate thread to ask about the tigerwood but I think I'll wait until the board is finished and post the result, warts and all. <g>
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