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Default Wooden basket and boxes

I had gotten a piece of ziricote board (from Mexico) that was 3/8" * 4 1/2" * 38" and decided to make my wife a wooden basket for her birthday. I purchased this board from Bell Forrest Products. First I was going to make it 4-sided, but decide that would be to easy to do. So I made it 8-sided with 1" pieces in the corners. I also wanted the grain pattern to flow around the basket. The pieces are 1" corners, 6" ends and 9 1/2" sides. To get the pattens to flow correctly, I cut 1", then 9 1/2", then 1", then 6", then continued on around with it. The bottom and handle are curly maple.

The finish: sanded to 240 grit with orbital sander the applied two coats of wax-free shellac thinned 50/50 with denatured alcohol. Then sand with 500 grit foam pad on orbital sander. Then applied 4-coats of Zar semi-gloss polyurethane thinned with about 40% mineral spirits. The mineral spirit is labeled Professional Grade - Cleans Up Paint. After 3-coats of this mixture I sand with 500 grit foam pad with the orbital sander then apply another coat. Seems to do a pretty good job. I apply the finish (shellac and poly) using the blue paper shop towels that are cut in 1/4s then folded to about 2" square. I wait an hour between coats of shellac and wait about 8-hours between coats of poly.

Also made 4-boxes for the organization Beads of Courage. This organization encourages folks to make beads to give to kids that are going through cancer or other major treatments. If the kid takes the treatments they are given beads. Woodworker are encouraged to make boxes for the kids to put their beads in. The organization site give the specifications. I had photos made of two of the boxes, but made four. Will turn them in later this week.

The wood for one of the boxes is spalted maple with birdseye maple top and the other box in the photo is made of some spalted maple that I cut from a log several years ago. I cut the boards and dried it for a couple years. The top is mahogany. I put a message in the bottom of all the boxes telling the kids they are special or precious. I figure the boxes helps the kids and the kids family to get through their treatments. The finish for the boxes is the same as the wooden basket except I only put shellac on the inside to make sure they don't give off an odor.

Malcolm / Kentucky USA
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