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Originally Posted by AlanZ View Post
Nice design.

What kind of bird(s) are housed?

My parrot would already be chewing through any reachable wood <s>
My wife raises Finches of various types and the wood chewing is not an issue.

I have someone that wants me to build one for their parrot, and it won't have any exposed wood on the inside, as this one does but it is going to be a single cage unit.

On the design of my wifes I decided to go with wood, so it would be easer to use blum sliding rails to allow each cage slide out. I could have done it with out having wood exposed on the inside, but we decided it wasn't necessary and it saved on the added expense.

If necessary I did plan for alum. plate to cover the exposed wood, and I can install that if it becomes an issue, it's on the orignal plan drawings so I have all the dimension; I would just have to cut everything to size, and anodize it, then install.


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