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Originally Posted by Dorkistan View Post
I just picked this router up at a flea market with a bit stuck in the collet. I don't have a wrench that can fit on the bottom collar, and the diagrams don't tell me what size(s) the wrenches that came with it are. So that's my question: What size wrench fits the bottom collar? (And I guess what size fits the top collet, for reference?)

Vince is right, D. I made myself a couple of crude wrenches from 2" flat steel stock, with hacksaw, Dremel cutoff wheel and file (but NOT pretty, and they work.)
Soon after, I found a stepped double-ended flat wrench at a 'Japanese 99c store' called Daiso, in Temple City CA, where just about everything is $1.50 instead of 99c.
This one is marked in mm, I got out my Chinese Harbor Freight stamps and marked the equivalent inch sizes.
I'll get another next time I'm down that way.
The cheeks of the router only allow about one-flat rotation, but it's usable that way.
I mounted the router on the table, and the table on a little portable worktable, and put a Home Depot 'bucket-vac' on the bottom shelf, cobbled-up a plastic bottle and hot-glue hood to hold the hose next to the source of chips, and IT WORKS!
FWIW, once you can loosen the collet, hold the one wrench on the motor, grab the shaft of the bit with pliers, and wiggle it out; a dab of Liquid Wrench may help. Enjoy, rout safely!
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