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Originally Posted by Cherryville Chuck View Post
For the most part Craftsman, Ryobi, Skil, B&D, and a few other budget brands are throwaway when anything major goes wrong.
Yeah, that's what stopped me from grabbing a replacement. There were a couple on eBay, but for some reason they seem to sell for about what you can get a more modern reputable tool for on Craigslist. I figure they're all the same age as mine, so they probably have the same stuff going bad. Downside is that I liked mine enough to have made quite a few jigs and baseplates for it over the years, and my Porter Cable is a bit too big for them. The 7604 base is relatively small (5.25" I think).

It's back together, but I haven't modded the brush holders yet. I'll probably know if it works by tonight. And thanks for the tip on the parts. When I looked, there seemed to be quite a few small ones in that 7xxx line which looked more rugged (metal), but it doesn't do much good if everything's unavailable.

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