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Well it actually works. The collet area gets pretty hot for the little time that I ran it. I'm hoping when the grease heats up and spreads around inside the bearings that'll improve (also hoping I didn't pack them too heavily). My big Rockwell table router ran really hot after I put new bearings in it too, and those were pre-greased.

The brush arrangement in this thing is a mess. The parts diagram has separate items for "brush & holder","plate,brush", and "holder,brush". I ordered what was listed as "brush & holder", but it was a raw brush with the little wire inside the spring connected to a small copper disc. I had to solder that to the old plate, along with fixing the pins on it. It would make more sense to sell the housing,brush,and plate as one unit, especially considering how poorly they hold up over time.

Also wish these people would just list the actual bearing type rather than these crazy numbers, or at least keep a cross reference list somewhere for us. I'm running into the same bearing numbers on half the stuff I've ripped up and could have just ordered several of each type to have on hand.

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