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Default New dust mask/respirator needed

Hopefully getting back in the shop soon. And figure I had better get a better dust mask. What I have now has two filters, and works. But seeing as how I have COPD, I figure it is in my best interest to step up to something a lot more efficient. I figure something with a small air pump is what I should go for. However, I also have a beard, and that is staying. I've been doing a lot of googling, and found some that are reasonably priced at around $100, but they need an air pump - and so far not been able to find just what they need. There is one for about $350 (full face mask), with a battery powered air pump, and battery. Good reviews, but no mention of beards, and I really, really, would prefer not to go that high in price if I can help it. I would be a lot more comfortable with a price of around $100, if I can do it. But, if push comes to shove, I will spend more.

I'm not looking for something around $1,000+, I'm not in the shop every day, let alone doing woodworking for a living. So I'd appreciate not even mentioning anything that pricey.

Anyone got any recommendations that should work for me?

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