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Originally Posted by DesertRatTom View Post
Different nose shapes and glasses frames would determine how well it worked. I have a long face, so there's a little more room between mask and glasses. I don't wear a beard but try not to shave more than once a week these days, so it works with stubble at least. But I do like the darn thing. I also keep a pack of Harbor Freight surgical masks on hand, and if I'm going to cut just one or two pieces, I'll slip one of those on, and then leave it on until I leave the shop.

One other thing I think is important is to have an air filter running for a couple of hours to clean out the worst particles that are suspended in the air. I bought the WEN unit through Home Depot and had it delivered to my local store. Only about $130 or so, also available on Amazon. I can't find much difference between it and the Jet in HP or filters. Hang it near a wall so the air makes a circular movement. It has a remote control for speed and timer, up to 8 hours. I usually run it for 2 after leaving the shop. When hanging it, I propped it on top of a ladder and hung it from the pre drilled and installed hooks. Has chains. Hooked the back two by tilting it up, then lifted the front up and hooked those two chains up. Easy one man job. I stack spare filters on top for storage.
WalMart and Amazon have been bouncing the price on that Wen filter this week. This morning WalMart is at $90 for in-store pick-up. Price has changed back and forth a lot though--almost without reason...

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