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First of all David, I'm glad you're OK. That could have been tragic. Your lead-in playing guitar was a great way to make the point. I can appreciate it because I was learning to play fingerstyle guitar when I had my ladder accident and damaged some nerves in my hand due to my wrist being broken. So fingerstyle is out now. Gone in an instant.

That's some nice playing. I never wanted to be another Tommy Emmanuel, but the nice, subtle alternating thumb playing you're doing in the second part makes for a full rounded sound. That was my goal. Nice. Nice Takamine with graphic equalizers, too.

Your experience on the video makes me glad that I'm a coward when it comes to moving blades and bits. As you demonstrated, it can happen soooooo fast. And it shows that it's important to resist the temptation to cut corners and save time. Thanks for this.

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