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Default Trivets- Incra

There was a request in my last post for something made with the Incra, so I'll add a few photos of a second batch of trivets I've made. They were made with 4 successive bits (1/2", 3/8", 1/4" and 1/8"), but in increasing depths. My son and I were working on a fancier batch this weekend when my 1/8" carbide spiral broke off... so I need to order some more.

These were finished with a very dilute polyurethane (~2:1 MSoly)to provide wash-ability without adding shine. I gave several of these away at Christmas and only have these left. I'm planning on donating a pair for a door prize at my next local WW club meeting, to see if I can raise the interest in routing or find those with interest.

I've also built some dovetail drawers for a under drill press cabinet but will post those when I post the RT base.. since I want to use the same setup for routing the false drawer fronts. as far as the cabinet, I've laminated two 1/2" BB ply pieces for the base, sanded and put the first (sealing) coat of finish on the underside.

This will likely be a slow-go as I started a new job today and they're asking for 60 hr weeks, but I'll keep plugging at it!

..and yes, Harry... I've started a photo shoot of the cab base, which I'll start posting once it starts to look like a table. <g>
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