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My canes are just a tad different, but every thing is different for a reason. They are two layers of 1/2" plywood, so they are completely square, which I think is stronger than a round cane, and it will not roll off a table or counter being square. I hit the corners with my ROS, rather than a router bit, much faster that way. They almost always have a hooked end, useful for hanging on a car door handle, pulling stuff off a high grocery shelf, or reaching in and pulling something out of the back of a shelf. And it's a lot of fun making different designs, some I can do in a minute or so for one of the birds say, took an hour or so making a new design of an undecorated cane I like a lot, still working out my new grumpy turtle, and it's a real laugh to take my Lowes cane to Lowes and have the cashier scan it, amazes most of the cashiers. They are actually quite light, but I figure they're sturdy enough to be able to beat an attacking dog to death if need be, the lozenge was not designed for it, but does provide some extra weight at the handle end to help in that. I figure if you're gonna have a cane might as well have one a bit different. Besides, couldn't find any I liked, so that's what started me on making them. Later I'll try my hand at walking staffs too. And the glue finish makes the plies really stand out.

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