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Default spool cabnet

Originally Posted by xplorx4 View Post
On this one I can show the beginning on the Spool Cabinet. I picked both of these at a garage sale. The stand I just finished it is solid walnut except the top I did that with red oak vainer, I really wanted to go with white oak with a strip or two of the walnut for accent. Well as we all know money can sometimes put the skids to any plan. The stand I did not take before pics of so shame on me but at least you will see the Spool Cabinet as a before.

The Spool Cabinet has a decal of sorts on the back, it's about 4-5" in diameter. We finally figured out what is said, "J & P Coats" over the top and on the bottom was "Best Six Strand". After some investigation we found one on e-bay selling for over 300.00. It is circa 1890-1910 and would be found in a dry goods store for holding spools of thread.

Now if anyone knows any more or any different let me know cause I would like to get it all strait. When I start the Spool Cabinet I am sure I will be looking for some guidance. Some parts will have to be re fabricated. I plan to finish it and keep it someplace in the house
check these links out about your spool cabnet

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