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Gene Howe
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Never ever considered walnut to be trash wood. Well, I found some.
My project, a rifle case, requires several different widths (1", 1 1/4", 1 3/4", and 2") of 5/8 thick walnut. Each 42" long. To be sandwiched between 1/8" strips of maple.
Pulled a couple boards from a stack that's been stickered in a closed shed for 12 years. Mind you, this is AZ where the humidity is near nothing.
Got enough of it rough cut to length, planed to thickness and ripped jointed to width. Several hours of labor.
Laid them out on the assembly bench to arrange the pattern and left them overnight. The next morning, Monday of course, every one of the walnut pieces had bowed. Some by as much as 1/4".
What to do? Start over with a different stick? Since the whole 300 bf. stack came from the same Tennessee farmer, I'd likely find the same condition in a random pick. Agonized over the dilemma the rest of the day. Tuesday, I finally decided to try soaking one piece in the bathtub for a couple hours. Took it out and clamped it to a flat, melamine coated piece of MDF. By the end of the day it had flattened out somewhat. So, remembering a wood bending project from several years ago, I decided to employ the same technique to UN bend my wood.
Previously, I'd used lengths of 4" black sewer pipe filled with water and copious amounts of fabric softener. Left overnight, 3/4X3/4 sticks of red oak bent like spaghetti. So, my contrary walnut has been soaking since about noon yesterday. Today, they'll come out and get clamped. We'll see. Fingers crossed.

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