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Default HDS's Jewellery Box

English Jewellery box. ZZZzzz!

HDS's Jewellery Box-06122009405.jpg

HDS's Jewellery Box-19122009410.jpg

HDS's Jewellery Box-20122009414.jpg

HDS's Jewellery Box-20122009417.jpg

HDS's Jewellery Box-20122009419.jpg

HDS's Jewellery Box-20122009420.jpg

HDS's Jewellery Box-28112009393.jpg

HDS's Jewellery Box-28112009394.jpg

HDS's Jewellery Box-28112009395.jpg

Well I finally got round to putting what few pictures I had left of the project. (Since changing my phone in early January, I had to transfer pics from the old phone).
Our young friend got it for a Christmas prezzie for her Tiffany's silver collection! (Lucky girl).

I started with some scraps of Mahogany and Ash I had lying around.

The boards I thicknessed to 3/8" and T&G on my router table and Jointed to make the 10" x 6" x 5 1/2" sides top and bottom.

I bevelled the inside ends of the boards with a 45 degree chamfer bit again at the router table. On the opposite side, ie outsides, I routed 3/4" wide by 1/4" deep rabbets for the corner post recesses.

The Ash corner posts made from 1" square section I routed deep Rabbets to get an L , (Angle) section with 1/4" thick walls.

The tray and tray supports were made up in a similar way to the box in Mahogany, with Ash dividers.

The whole lot glued up then sanded by hand to a fine flush finish.
I finished with a coat of linseed oil followed after a couple of days drying by sanding sealer and then clear french polished to a fine full grain finish.

Next, I cut 1/4" wide 1/8" deep slots about 3/8" from the top inside edges of the box and lid to allow tucking the frayed edge of the lining material, which was cut in one piece in situ and glued directly to the inside walls of the box and lid.
Last of all routed morticing for the hinges and catch fittings. (Squaring the corners by hand chisel).

This was my first box, hence the simple design.

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