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Originally Posted by sourdough View Post
Hey fella's: I am away from my usual shop and am poking around looking for a small and CHEAP router for a few simple jobs. Saw a Craftsmen #28212 6.5 am and it looked okay but I am old enough to remember the quality CRASH in the once admired Craftsmen line.
What do the wise men of the Router Forum have to say.
You don't have to be wise to have an opinion. It's the knowledge that's the problem.

The only problem _I_ have with Craftsman is parts. A router seldom breaks and if it does, it is because of mis-handling or abuse. When that happens, it is usually a simple part that keeps it from being used. I have gotten parts for 30 year old Makita tools but I had a box full of Craftsman out of commission for lack of parts. Money wasted the whole lot.

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