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Default Freud router table

Wednesday Feb 17th, 2010
Good afternoon from the sunny Fraser Valley of British Columbia Canada.

We have this very nice Freud router table and the Freud 2200 router.

when I put the collar on the insert ;the grey one], and then install the dovetail or any other bit, the bit is NOT centered in the hole.

consequently the dovetails are off gig about 1-1.5 mm on each side.

the base came with the table and has only 1 orientation to install it on the router.
-14 degree dovetail bit or really any other bit.....
-there is the red ring and then the grey inner ring that snap into place.

I think that may be wrong baseplate, ??
- are there other baseplates available??
- are there any further suggestions to FIX this maddening problem.

Your help is appreciated. I'll try and look here daily,

thanks, Ted .......................
..................I guess I'll get back and enjoy these great spring Olympics
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