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The most common veneers here are red and white oak, maple, and black walnut. I'm not sure what would be common where you are. Common usually means cheaper. There are lots of exotic species from specialty stores that I would have to order from online.

If you want it to look similar, at least in colour, then a maple, birch, or white oak. Sometimes you are better off not to try and match colour because they don't always go together. Just for an example, there are about 30 different shades of white for the melamine on particle board. When you put 2 different ones side by side you can tell that they don't match and it looks out of place. In that type situation you would be better off to go with something darker that provides contrast instead.

Someone I consider a master woodworker once told me that a master woodworker is not someone who never makes mistakes. He is someone who is able to cover them up so that no one can tell.
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