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I already had a Fe$tool router and there vacuum system , so I broke down and bought there track saw .
I agree , there are others out there , and I'm sure just as good .
I wish I had known about track saws before I bought my table saw, as I never would have gone with a huge 53" fence on my table saw , and instead there 36" fence , saving me room .
The track saw for me is far better for breaking down sheet goods than trying to muscle them on my table saw , and I get far more accurate cuts . The track saw is especially helpful when things are out of square .
The owner of Windsor Plywood tells me he sold his jointer as he gets better results with his track saw . Can't verify that one though.

I have one Fe$tool track that has holes in it . It works on my track saw but it also fits a guide that attaches to my router , and can be used to install those holes for shelving pins .

Unfortunately the tracks are stupid expensive , as I want add a 10 footer , and it's $400

I donít always insulate , but when I do .
Ok ,I never insulate

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