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Originally Posted by tomp913 View Post
- the only difference I can see is that the Festool is anodized, I don't see that being a problem in a normal shop environment. I'd heard that there was a problem with track straightness - no problem on either of mine, I checked on receipt - but I've heard of some problems with Festool, mainly on the longer tracks. I would think that this is just a QC problem.

- how long does a cord have to be? My bench has an outlet attached, the cord needs to go from there by the length of the track (plus some slack). Anything over that, use an extension. To me, a negative about the longer cord is storage, it can be a PITA to coil a long cord and store it in the box - my Fein Multi-tool is an example. Many years ago, I took most of my tools and shortened the cords as I found I was using an extension out on the job anyway - wonder if the thief who wound up with them liked that or not?

- that one I'd agree with, not the most user-friendly feature of the saw.

- I don't know, the hose connector on the back of my saw swivels through 360
I haven't been able to see the Makita in person. Some people got their reviews about the Makita wrong then.

You can keep exchanging the tracks if you're luck is bad and you get a warped track. It's not the end of the world.

You can use Triton's tack for shorter cuts.

The number one concern I have for the Makita was the cleanliness of the cut on the opposing scrap piece.

Aside from the score cut, Makita has never added anything to address the the cut on the scrap side of the cut. You want to get the most out of your plywood sheets, especially if they're pricey hardwood sheets.

Makita's tracks are anodized.

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