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Originally Posted by dovetail_65 View Post
Well you pay USA pricing, becauae your friend Dovetail will just ship you a gift from the USA. One reason I haven't bought anything Mafell is becasue even the best price here in the USA with no tax and free shipping is just still too much money. I finally am going to dip in the Mafell pool when I redo my shop because I use a track saw mostly for plywood.But for thick hardwoods the Festool TS 75 is still FOR ME going to be the saw to choose. I sold mine, but if I had to start cutting thick hardwoods with a track saw that's the saw I would get.

I am surprised they don't sell Mafell in Canada, there are two companies in the USA selling the Mafell stuff now and I am sure more coming.

I received the suggested Infinity blade today and tossed it on my my Makita and WOW!.. I never heard a blade sound so funny, bad dam it cut though 5/4" Wenge and left a nice glue edge, best track saw blade I have ever used for sure. I almost didn't test the new blade on Wenge because I thought I might dull the blade, but the one cut I did make in Wenge made me a believer in the Infinity track saw blades, even at 70.00.
There's no Mafell dealer in Canada that I'm aware of. My bigger concern with buying a Mafell Track Saw would be warranty issues.

What do you do with a Mafell if you need to fix it for any reason?
Do you ship it back to Pennsylvania for a repair?

There's no warranty or service for a Mafell once it ships across the boarder.

I have 13 authorized Festool repair Centers in Edmonton. You don't don't have to worry about a service Center with Festool.

As much as I hate spending the money, I'll probably have to bite the bullet on the TS 75. I want to cut some hardwood tops for furniture and tables.

I also want to get the Festool 1400 series router for my freehand work. I've used a friend's 1400 for a couple of projects. It's a killer router. It's easy on the hands during circle cuts.

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