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Your first link is a router that is a clone of the Makita 3612.

It is imported by at least one other company that I know of . . . King Canada.
See link: Power Tools, Woodworking and Metalworking Machines by King Canada

Link showing the clone along with the pricey Makita:

Who knows how many other companies may have their particular name stamped on it?

I bought the Canadian branded version last December for $99CDN plus taxes and have it mounted in my table.

I removed the springs and the non-switch containing handle. The springs were a horrible nuisance in a table installation and the machine was too wide to be removed through the table insert with both handles in place. It was easy enough to do both these things.

The bolts that mount the base plate are M4 metric . . . uncomfortably small for supporting its 13 lb weight hanging from the table insert plate but they seem to be holding . . . so far, at least. In fact on two occasions, the depth clamp released unexpectedly resulting in the router banging down under the table. The little bolts held. I removed the height adjusting knob and use a nut on the shank to adjust the height and prevent a recurrence of this very undesirable event rather than relying on the clamp alone. It not only works more reliably and safely than the clamp . . . it is far faster too. Much easier to spin the nut up and down than use that long black knob. The right hand panel in the image with the Makita shows my King as "stripped for action" in table duty.

I am happy with the machine . . . have just finished refacing my kitchen cabinets with it (18 raised panel doors and 8 drawer fronts).
Where else are you gonn'a get 3 1/4hp and variable speed for that price?

Your second link, the amazon listing, seems a totally different machine. I know nothing about it.

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