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Hi John

A 2" hole is to small , think down the road you many not need a big hole right now but some day you may want one, you can always coke the hole down in size but it's very hard to make it bigger..without a major rework.
I would suggest the bigger the better (3 5/8" to 4" the norm ) many plates come with the snap-in inserts..not to say anything about using the brass guides in your router table down the road

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Originally Posted by flybyjohn View Post
Hi, I am about to make a router table and am looking at building a table plate to hold the router. I was wondering what the purpose of the inserts on the plates are. I realize they make the space between the bit and the plate smaller, but what prupose does this serve, (cooling, saw dust reduction in router compartment). If I made the plate with a hole just big enough for my largest router bit, would that be sufficient to use without an insert? My largest bit is about 2" diameter. I am new at this and was just wondering if the insert was really needed for an important purpose.
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