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Originally Posted by 50gtconvertible View Post
I stumbled on this forum looking for a fix for my craftsman router model # 315.175100. I used to use it allot then it sat for awhile and i tried to use it the other day and it will not adjust up or down. It is very hard to turn the rubber adjuster ring. Anyone have or had the same problem?
The adjustment sleeve is probably out too far and is jammed. Possible saw dust too. Remove black measuring ring by using screw driver to open and knife to pry down. Then remove Philip screws on two piece sleeve. Clean and slide base and motor until free. Re-align sleeve using glides pins for the red sleeve and ring slots on bottom with threads matching. I used tightening screw to hold while putting it back together. For most part measuring ring holds it together.☺️ It works great now. Remember not to over extend adjustment. It may still need attention in the future which most tools do.
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