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Originally Posted by Duane Bledsoe View Post
Concerning screw length, it's not an issue. The routerbase for the DW611 has screw holes that go all the way through, except for two being covered by the plastic guard/dust port but I already drilled those two out so all four screw holes are now open. I only did this so I don't have to split hairs on measuring. Just get 3/4 or 1 inch. I wanted to get panhead so I could drill flat bottomed holes to guard against them pulling through, but I'll look to see what I can get. I might be overthinking it but I just figured a small screw like this would have a small head and this little router is fairly weighty for its size, not to mention this stand is going to see a lot of being bounced around. I had also thought maybe I'd route a recess into the bottom side of the top to elevate the router another 1/8 or so. I don't need to do that (see another thread I just made on this) but I had thought it would keep me from ever putting a bit in too deep and finding out after I've already put the motor back in the base that I have to take it out and start again. So the recess would help that but it also thins out the material between the base and the screwhead.
I've got 4 flat heads screws countersunk into a piece of 1/2" MDF. The screw heads are just below the surface of the MDF so as not to interfere with the workpiece. MDF is a real nice flat surface and I've put several coats of oil base polyurethane on it. Less expensive than a high quality piece of plywood. If it needs to be portable there are lots of plans for portable router tables...some will even break down for easy transport and storage.
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