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I'm pretty sure Charles that the majority of new members join this forum because of the word ROUTER, I certainly did! Because of the many years of router experience and specialised training I thought that I could pass this on to members wishing to become proficient routologists, using PLUNGE routers for far more than fancy edging.
To this end I have produced a large number of projects, most using the plunge router. The bulk of these were photographed at each stage of the making, edited then produced as a pdf. Before I was taught by fellow members to produce pdf's I posted zip files, again taught to me by fellow members, and before zip's I posted individual numbered photos. and referred to them in the text. The majority of these projects were made specifically for the forum, I have never sold anything that I have made, what I didn't keep I gave away as presents, including trinket and jewellery boxes, clocks, dozens of wood and Acrylic pens and lots of Makita style template guides, especially 40mm ones!
Health problems have kept me out of my shed for quite some time, but now it's just my Arthritic knees but I do hope to be back there and producing one of these days.
I must make it clear that I have nothing against CNC routers and I do admire members who learn to program them but only a fraction of the membership own one of these machines and from reading between the lines, only a few use them on a regular basis, excepting of course the few professionals.
Finally, everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, yet so few members produce photo shoots showing HOW they made their project, a very few have and they have been really excellent.


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