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Default Building the dream

After years of working outside or in the garage, I am able to build a real woodworking shop. My wife and I both enjoy building projects, so we decided to go BIG and do things right the first time. Shop is 40x70 pole building with 14ft ceiling (open truss at the moment). There is also a 12 foot overhang that runs down most of the side.

We bought some property, and now have a tractor shed and shop building up.With 54 wooded acres we have plenty of space to work in, and lots of wood for projects. I am now working on the inside of the shop. I built a shower room with a toilet, and plan to build a noise room, and a finish room. The shop will be used for woodworking and storage. Since we work full time, things are going slow - but steady. Once the shop is complete, we will build a house as money is available. Hope to do a lot of the work ourselves (practice on the shop first ) We are also deciding on what to do with the land - we have put in pecan, almond, hazelnut, and walnut trees. We have also planted pine trees for future lumber and pine straw. I have purchased a portable band sawmill so that I can put the trees to good use.

Field and Pecan Orchard
Building the dream-fieldweb.jpgBuilding the dream-pecan-orchard.jpg

Tractor shed
Building the dream-tractorshed.jpg

Shop with outside finished
This was after a record snowfall for our area
Building the dream-shopsnow.jpg

Shower room and toilet
Building the dream-toiletroom.jpg

Painting the floor
Building the dream-bathfloorpaint.jpg

Wiring the panel
Building the dream-200apanel.jpg

Storing pictures on the walls
The support posts are on 10 ft centers to give you some reference.
Building the dream-shopgallery.jpg

My first table saw
Building the dream-sawstop09.jpg

Nice end to the day
Building the dream-sunsetwatertank.jpg
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