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much as it looks neat and tidy to have drawers for your router bits, in my situation I am as much on site as I am in the shop. Ergo, the drawer scenario doesn't fit for me.

The (double) router table has a drawer which is wide enuf to accommodate two "sawsall" metal tool boxes which have had all the spot-welded dividers pulled out and stuffed with high denisty upholstery foam (top and bottom) and holes poked in it to hold router bits.

I can open the drawer, select bits for shop use, but in a moment, can pull the whole box out and toss it in the bubbamobile.

I've got a few voids cut out to hold smallish plastic boxes which hold spare bearings, bushings, allen keys, etc.

It's just a perspective of operative requirements for me.

the top, well, I can stuff extra or "storage" bases behind the foam, and when the box is closed, aLL the bits are effectively clamped in place by the foam. 1/4"; 1/2" shanks, it don't matter.

so it's kinda like a portable drawer for me. Fixed storage, yet portable amd totally conformable to additions of whatever shank/size/.To me it's a moderate accomplishment in versatility.

The high density foam don't have to come for upholstery supplies (expensive) but lots of computers are packed in the stuff as well (much cheaper, or free, but you might have to cut the pieces to thickness...)

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