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Originally Posted by Cherryville Chuck View Post
Sorry Sean but you are unlikely to find one badged as a Sears replacement. A post on another site says it was made by Chervon Power. Maybe a search there will help.
First, Thanks for all the replies.

I did take a look at the Chervon Power site and noticed that in "2007 Joint Venture with Bosch for bench-tool category". Interestingly the Bosch collet nut assembly looks much like the ones I have. The downside of course is the current replacement assembly uses a larger collet and nut then my 11 year old model.

As luck is running looking at my old blown Craftsman router (previous one) the nut assembly was a little smaller and my neighbor's father's old router, which is even older, appears to be yet smaller. So it appears as time has progressed the collet nut assembly size has increased. I'm thinking my better bet is much like as been recommended is acquire a newer router keeping this one as spare for my 1/2 bits.

Any advise on Porter Cable or Milwaukee models - preferably one that is capable of doing 1/4 and 1/2 inch bits with a plunge and fixed base.

Thanks again!
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