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Hi everyone,

Thanks for looking and commenting.

This unit hangs over her breakfast bar which is not used as such so no one walks under it. There is an issue with the door opening and hitting a pan occasionally, but there is a doorstop that prevents it from hitting the the bar or the rack. She has a fairly small kitchen with limited cabinet space so this has helped her a lot.

One-off designs usually have trade offs in one respect or another. I find the process of working thru those issues with the user to be enjoyable if you explain the options and limitations up front. That's not to say I haven't been bitten before. I once did a spiral hand rail for a contractor who didn't like the result enough to pay me for it.....

Anyway, I try to meet the unique demands of the space with a custom design flair. for me, that seems to be where the fun is. I also get a big sense of personal satisfaction from producing pieces that people actually touch and use. I'm not one to make art pieces just to look at; there must be a sense of utility in the item or it doesn't work for me. My favorite pieces are tables, desks, chests, and boxes.

I'm trying to gather and scan some 35mm shots of things I did prior to the digital age. when I do I'll post them and ask for comments. Just wish I had pics of everything.....

Have a great day and enjoy yourself; it's all over too soon....

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