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Your setup looks pretty good to me, but what are you using to get the fence and bit positioned correctly? Do you have any kind of setup gauge? I have the Lock Miter Master gauges from Infinity Tool and they do a great job of getting the fence position and bit height correct. All you need to do is determine the exact center of the thickness of each board. The Lock Miter Master gauge then attaches with magnets to your bit and has a horizontal and a vertical line on it that you use to set the bit and fence positions so the center line of your boards line up with these marks. The resulting positions will be near perfect, requiring only a test cut pair to verify that they are correct.

Keeping the boards being cut horizontal is relatively easy, but more difficult for the vertical board. From what I can see in your pictures, I think you have a good setup. Feed the stock past the bit slowly and I think you will get acceptable results, but a pair of test pieces cut from the same stock before your final cuts should prove it.


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