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Several ways to go about skinning that poor cat:
In all honesty, these three jigs are nothing more than alot of lipstick on an old pig!
Just a personal preference to kinda go over the top in design, in function they all can be made
considerably simpler and function just as well.

These two shooting boards work exceptionally well. The addition of PSA sandpaper eliminated sliding issues.
Edge trimming on the horizontal has limitless angles, all dependent upon a spot on setup. On the vertical is
limited to 45*. However, this limitation can be overcome with a bit of redesign.

The CCS works beautifully! Only issue is the thing weighs a ton! Limited to around 24"s in width of cut

Dedicated to 45's. Worth the time and effort if you do alot of 45's

Old reliable is an older Incra 2000. A bit of a dinosaur in the Incra lineup, but after 10 years of use, still performs exceptionally.
requiring only a yearly tuneup.

I've also used a 12" disc sander with great results. Biggest issue is in the setup. I have a ShopFox 12" sander and the table to
disc angle does not want to stay consistent or reliable. This one is a work in progress.

I like to cut my profiles prior to sizing my pieces to length. I find this helps minimize sanding. Cuts made from inside to out using a backer.

If interested, more pics within the threads:
Cross cuts sled:

Bench hook and shooting board:

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