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Originally Posted by harrysin View Post
I suspect there were other reasons. There was a GMC warranty agent here in Rockingham and I was in their shop one day and saw through an open door a mountain of faulty items that had been scrapped. The business was in a large factory unit with a really high roof and the pile which looked like an enormous Christmas tree almost reached the roof. In other words GMC were exchanging faulty products willy nilly. My own experience was one of their cordless drills, the batteries were not holding a charge so I phoned GMC and explained the situation and guess what, about a week later a brand new drill complete with it's two batteries arrived in it's original box. How can any company survive when A:it's products are not reliable and B: when they simply swap a product at the drop of a hat.
When I opened up the battery at least half the cells were totally dead and the rest close to it.
Original owners of GMC are still around on a smaller scale with the Brand called "909" sold worldwide.
For home users warranty is 909 days
For trade users warranty is 1 years (365 days)
Their products are about the same quality as Ryobi - often made out of the same factories.

Those NICAD batteries from China are bad not just GMC but my Ryobi, Markita, Ozito, Carbec drills etc all have the same problem.
I just replace them with cheap 3000mHA NIMH batteries and then they will hold charge for months.

The trick is to have a good charger. I found a old Metabo charger for AUD5 from an Opshop and found that if I solder a 10K thermistor from 3rd terminal to one of the battery case that charger will charge my repacked NIMH batteries automatically with temperature sensing and will never overcharge so my batteries last for many years now. This AUD5 charger now charge my Ryobi (14.4V), Ozito (18V), Carbac (18V) batteries as they all have almost identical dimensions (see next post).
Markita 18V drill charger has 4 terminals so I just buy 3rd party NIMH batteries and it's charger works perfectly so I gave the Markita to my daughter.

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