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Default My NiCAD/NIMH charger

This is a photo of my BEST and ONLY charger that I now need.
for Ryobi, Ozito, Carbac repacked batteries up to 18V.
The 3rd terminal of the batteries must have a 10K thermistor connected to a battery negative case.

This AUD5 charger now charge my Ryobi (14.4V), Ozito (18V), Carbac (18V) batteries as they all have almost identical dimensions - sorry Max 18V.

With most people going Li-Ions, this excellent charger for Ni-CAD/NiMH can be very cheap to buy.

Silicon Chip also designed a DIY charger using the same temperature sensing principles.

Before I found this charger, I just used a mains timer with my lab. constant current power supply to charge those NIMH batteries
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